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Can you steam clean hardwood floors?
2023-08-11 Dupray
Can you steam clean hardwood floors?

Can you steam clean hardwood floors?

This is a very common question, and the simple answer is: Yes! 

Steam cleaning is absolutely safe for sealed hardwood floors, and is an excellent way to sanitize them without using any harsh cleaning products. 

What about the water?

The main concern many people have is that using steam will create excess water that could damage their floors. But, dry steam actually contains less than 5% water and will NOT damage sealed wood. It is important to use a microfiber cloth when steam cleaning sealed hardwood floors, but there is no risk of damage to the wood and this effective cleaning method will make your floors look fantastic! 

How to steam clean your sealed hardwood floors:

Before you begin steam cleaning, it is important to vacuum your floors first. 

Use the rectangular tool provided with your steam cleaner. 

Attach a thick microfiber cloth to the rectangular tool This will insulate the steam and retain excess moisture. (The high temperature of the steam will attract dirt like a magnet!) 

Slowly pass your steam cleaner over the entire surface to deep clean and revitalize your floors. 

When the microfiber cloth is saturated with dirt, simply toss it in your washing machine.


Your sealed hardwood floors will be super clean and streak-free in no time.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to our first-class customer service team. We’re always here to help with any issues or concerns you may have. 

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