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Five essential tips for deep cleaning & removing allergens this spring
2024-02-12 Dupray
Five essential tips for deep cleaning & removing allergens this spring

Five essential tips for deep cleaning & removing allergens this spring

Here at Dupray, we love spring cleaning. That’s because we know a secret—or five—to keep it quick, satisfying, and 100% chemical-free. Check out these top tips for spring cleaning your way into a sparkling home and sneeze-free season.

1. Use steam, not chemicals

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read deep clean? Probably something that rhymes with teach.  If so, you’re not alone—we’ve all grit our teeth and used products to clean our home that we know aren’t healthy for us, our families, or the environment. With the NEAT™ steam cleaner, you can leave all that in the past. On contact, NEAT™’s superheated steam kills up to 99.97% bacteria and viruses. That means every surface in your home from your bathroom to your kitchen can be sanitized without using a single chemical. How neat.

Tip: Spring cleaning = deep cleaning. If you’re struggling to declutter your room before you sanitize surfaces, take everything that doesn’t have a place and set it aside in a laundry basket. Once you have the peace of a freshly cleaned space, it will be easier to relax and find a spot for every stray knick-knack.

2. Focus on fabrics and upholstery

It’s easy to procrastinate on cleaning the parts of our home that don’t have visible stains. But once allergy season starts, it’s essential to tend to the places they like to hide: our curtains, couches, mattresses, rugs, and even clothing.

Farewell, dust mites

Around 40% of Canadians have a dust mite allergy, as do 20 million people in the US. To add a not-so-fun fact, you don’t even have to be allergic for them to cause irritating symptoms. When it comes to removing dust mites, your vacuum or broom isn’t going to cut it. Hot steam is scientifically proven to be highly effective in removing dust mites from carpets, mattresses, curtains, and pillows. Simply attach your microfiber bonnet to the end of your NEAT™’s triangle tool and run it along your fabric surfaces.

Keep outdoor allergens outside 

It’s the perfect season for a brisk walk in the park. To ensure that tree pollen, pet dander, and other unwanted  allergens don’t follow you back inside, give your jacket a quick refresh with the VOILÀ™ Clothes Steamer. It’s much faster than a washing machine, and comes with the added benefit of dewrinkling.

3. Purify your air, too

Over time, pet dander, gasses, odors and chemical particles build up in our homes. In addition to making us sneeze, they can also lead to significant health risks. This spring, give your air a wash, too. Enter Bloom™, an award-winning HEPA-13 air purifier that doubles as a plant pot or accent table. Aside from being your #1 line of defense against seasonal allergies, Bloom™ removes 99.97% of dust, smoke, bacteria, and viruses.

4. Hit those hard to reach spots

Spring cleaning isn't exactly an Olympic sport. But between all the reaching for cabinet tops and bending for baseboards, it can sure feel like one. Thankfully, your NEAT™ is armed with a solution: the tube extender accessory. Easily wash your baseboards, spaces between appliances, light fixtures, ceiling fans, even that tricky shower curtain without any hassle. After all, spring is the perfect time  to bring those “out of sight, out of mind” spots back into focus for a deep clean.

Don’t pout about grout! 

Speaking of Olympic sports—scrubbed any grout lately? Nothing like spending hours on your hands and knees to achieve a sort-of-clean bathroom. Fear not, fellow cleaner, those days are gone. Pair NEAT™’s tube extending accessory with the scrub brush tool and blast away grime from a comfortable standing position.

5. Don’t forget your windows.

Welcome the spring sun into your home with an easy, satisfying window wash. Simply attach your window accessory to your NEAT™ Steam Cleaner and run it along your window left and right across its width. We recommend starting at the top of the pane and slowly progressing downwards. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it sparkles! You can use the same technique and tool  for glass shower doors, mirrors, or even smooth appliances like your fridge.

Tip: In order to prevent cracking, please be sure to wait until the weather warms before steaming outdoor windows.

Spring Cleaning FAQ's

Q: When does allergy season start?

A: Depending on your local weather conditions, pollination can vary. It can begin as early as mid-March or as late as mid-June.

Q: When does allergy season end?

A: Allergy season typically ends with the first frost.

Q: What is the most efficient way to tackle spring cleaning in a small apartment?

A: To tackle spring cleaning in a small apartment, we recommend approaching one room at a time. If there’s clutter in the bedroom, for example, you can move it to the living room when deep cleaning the bedroom. Use this technique as you flow through your home until every room is clean, and then get to organizing your leftover clutter.

Q: Do air purifiers work for allergies?

A: Yes. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can significantly reduce symptoms of allergy sufferers.

Q: What is included in a spring cleaning?

A: Spring cleaning is typically a deep clean. Decluttering, sanitizing, and tending to everything from the bathroom to the ceiling fans for a fresh start to summer.

Q: How can I create an effective spring cleaning checklist?

A: No need. We’ve got you: here’s a spring cleaning checklist!

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