How to clean your car's interior with a steam cleaner.
2023-11-14 Dupray
How to clean your car's interior with a steam cleaner.

How to clean your car's interior with a steam cleaner.

Did you know you can use your steam cleaner to effectively clean and detail the interior of your car? It's one of the most popular uses of many of our portable steam cleaners because it is the easiest way to sanitize every area of your car's interior - using no chemicals at all.

Safe on seats

Dupray steam cleaners are safe for use on all types of seats in your car. The low moisture steam cleans and disinfects the surface without damaging the material. Your car seats will be left dry after cleaning them with a steam cleaner.

Materials like alcantara or suede (and even leather!) can be safely cleaned using a steam cleaner. Use the triangle tool covered with a microfiber cloth to gently steam away the dirt from the interior of your car and leave it looking and smelling better than ever!

Consoles, dashboards and door panels

Using a steam cleaner for car dashboards and steering wheels is an effective way to remove dust and dirt. You can use your portable steam cleaner to clean small areas like the radio dials, the steering wheel controls, knobs, ventilation systems and more. The steam lance is an effective tool on your steam cleaner when cleaning these small areas of your car.

You can also use your car steam cleaner to clean the door panels and easily melt away dirt and residue from these highly used areas. Use the triangle tool with a microfiber cloth to effectively lift the dirt and wipe it away.

Clear your ventilation systems

An area that is often overlooked when cleaning your car is the ventilation system. It is very important to remove dust and dirt from this area as it has a direct impact on the air you breathe while you are in your car. You can use your car steam cleaner to clear the ventilation system of any dust or dirt build up so that you can breathe better quality air while you drive. Using a steamer machine is the most effective way to get into the small areas of your ventilation system for a good clean. Steam also kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, so you can rest assured that the interior of your car will be sanitized properly after cleaning it with your portable steam cleaner.

Steam clean car carpets and mats

The carpets and mats in your car can get very dirty over time, especially during the winter months. Using a portable steam cleaner, you can easily blast away all the dirt and salt that has built up on the carpets and mats inside your car. You can use a detailing brush insert to get into the fibers of the carpet and lift stubborn dirt and salt from the carpet or mat. Car steam cleaning is a great way to clean these tough areas and remove dirt and odors, so the interior of your car will be fresh and comfortable.

Dupray steam cleaners come with a variety of accessories that let you clean every area of your car easily and effectively. Using only superheated water, you can steam clean your car's interior to remove dirt and odors and make your car a clean space that you can truly enjoy. There is no need to rent a professional steam cleaner to clean your car's interior, your portable steam cleaner is definitely up to the task. It is a multi-use machine that can handle all kinds of cleaning jobs with the power and efficiency of an industrial steam cleaner, including all areas of your home and the interior of your car. Shop our selection of steam cleaners to find the one that's right for you.

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