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Remove vinyl stickers and adhesives with commercial steam cleaners.
2023-08-23 Dupray
Remove vinyl stickers and adhesives with commercial steam cleaners.

Remove vinyl stickers and adhesives with commercial steam cleaners.

Dupray’s premium steam cleaners are the perfect tools to remove vinyl stickers. Producing very hot steam, they can quickly dissolve adhesives and make the peeling process faster.Steam is the most effective method for safely removing vinyl graphics, stickers, wraps, lettering or decals. Even clear bars for vehicles and window clings, which are usually very hard to remove, are no match for the power of steam. No harsh chemicals are needed! It’s totally natural.

Steam cleaners can be used to remove basically any type of vinyl and sticker from a wide variety of surfaces.

Use steam for:

  • Removing vinyl stickers, wraps, lettering, and decals.
  • Eliminating unwanted stickers and vinyl from delicate surfaces including car exteriors, mirrors, and windows.

Advantages of Dupray steam cleaners.

The safest way to remove vinyl and stickers.

Dupray offers the highest-powered commercial-grade steam cleaners on the market. With fast heat up times and incredible adhesive removal power, they are essential for professional vinyl removal. Plus, Dupray steam cleaners come packed with all the accessories for removing decals and vinyl wraps effortlessly.

A little steam to remove lots of vinyl.

Vinyl graphics are all different and each decal will react differently to steam. Digitally printed pieces will usually be more resistant than thin vinyl. The heat and low-moisture produced by a Dupray steam cleaner is perfect for removing all kinds of stickers and decals.

Steam softens vinyl and dissolves adhesives making it easy to peel off without damage or leftover residue. Usually, a short 5-second steam exposure is enough for quick and easy removal. The process is very simple. Use the plastic blade to lift one of the corners, then slowly peel the vinyl off while applying steam. If any residual adhesive is left on the surface, you can pass over it again with an attached cloth -while using a mild detergent or solvent- to restore the surface to new.

Best steam cleaners for vinyl removal

STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner

The most demanding cleaning applications require both detergent and hot water injection in order to optimize results. The Steam Box™ commercial steam cleaner provides superior power in a durable stainless steel casing. With 5400 watts of power delivered to the boiler, it generates three-and-a-half times more steam than any 110 V models. The continuous refill and direct water line capabilities make the Steam Box™ the ultimate steam cleaning masterpiece, ideal for auto detailing, degreasing surfaces and sanitizing production equipment.

CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

Get a deeper clean with a commercial steam cleaner equiped with detergent injection and a built-in wet/dry vacuum. Whether you select the 120 V base model or the superior 220 V version which produces 2 times the amount of steam and has 20% more vacuum suction, both units offer complete performance and versatility. Featuring continuous refill technology, adjustable steam pressure and heavy-duty accessories, this professional steam cleaner is the perfect business tool.
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