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Spring cleaning: The kids' zone.
2023-08-14 Dupray
Spring cleaning: The kids' zone.

Spring cleaning: The kids' zone.

It’s no surprise: kids’ stuff gets dirty. Kids of all ages have a way of getting into everything and leaving traces of dirt, food and everything else behind! While regular cleaning is a part of any parent’s day-to-day, it’s a good idea to give kids’ areas in the home a deeper clean now and then to remove germs, bacteria and dirt build-up from the surfaces and objects they touch regularly. 

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to give everything a good clean and start the season off fresh and germ-free! It may seem like a HUGE undertaking, but you can methodically go through kids’ bedrooms and play areas to create a healthier environment for your little ones. 


First, you’ll want to clear away the clutter lying around the room. Pack toys and stuffed animals into baskets, boxes or hampers so you can easily access the floor and other surfaces like the dresser, nightstands, mattress, etc. 


Once you’ve vacuumed, use your NEAT™ home steam cleaner on sealed hardwood floors or carpets to lift dirt and sanitize the surface. Little kids spend a lot of time crawling and playing on the floor, so be sure to cover the entire floor and clean all the way inside the corners of the room, along the baseboards, etc. 


From bedside tables and dressers to cupboard doors, chairs, tables and more – you can use NEAT™ home steam cleaner to get rid of dirt and hand prints lingering on various surfaces in your child’s room. The superheated steam acts as a powerful disinfectant, so you won’t have to worry about using cleaning products that could leave residue behind. 

Mattresses & Pillows

You can also steam clean your child’s mattress and pillows. Using the triangle tool covered with the microfiber bonnet, slowly steam the entire surface of the mattress and pillows for a deep clean. 

Toys & Stuffed Animals

Your child’s beloved stuffie probably needs a deep clean — wouldn’t you agree? Toys your kids handle on a regular basis should be sanitized occasionally. A steam cleaner will blast away germs and bacteria, 100% chemical-free! If your child is sensitive to cleaning products, steam cleaning is the best way to clean their belongings, using just tap water!

Strollers, Car Seats and High Chairs

Last, but definitely not least, these high-traffic areas definitely require some serious cleaning.NEAT™ home steam cleaner comes with a variety of accessories, so you can choose the right tool to get into every small corner and steam clean those germs away. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away extra moisture and you’re good to go! 

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