Using steam to clean your car's interior.
2023-08-21 Dupray
Using steam to clean your car's interior.

Using steam to clean your car's interior.

Steam cleaning is a great solution for car detailing and is safe to use on every vehicle surface. This type of cleaning method allows you to reach small areas in your car's interior and safely clean them. 

Give your car a gentle, yet thorough, clean and sanitize surfaces using no chemicals at all. Steam cleaners superheat water to create a dry steam with only 5% water, so it won't damage the interior of your car. 

Using steam to clean your car's interior.

Steam cleaners can be used for:

  • Cleaning car interiors, which includes leather or fabric seats, door jambs, cup holders, dashboards, headliners, vents and central consoles.
  • Safely detailing car exteriors including wheels, rims, and body (with 220 V steam cleaners only).
  • Removing heavy stains and odors from fabrics.
  • Eliminating salt stains and cleaning car floor mats.
  • Degreasing and detailing engines.
  • Cleaning car windows.

Safe on upholstery

When used on seats, steam cleaners rehydrate, condition and restore leather. They do a fantastic job on any water-sensitive fabrics. Materials like alcantara or suede can be safely cleaned with Dupray steam cleaners since they produce steam with a very low water content. The best way to steam clean upholstery in your car is to use the triangle tool with a microfiber cloth or bonnet wrapped around it. For hard surfaces, you can use the brush side of the tool directly without a cloth for heavy dirt – then vacuum the surface to pick up any debris that has been dislodged. Steam cleaning is also the best method for removing dye transfer or stains from leather seats.

"Dupray steam cleaners are safe for use on sensitive fabrics because they produce steam with a very low water content (only 5%)."

Streak-free windows

Steam cleaning your car windows is much easier than cleaning them with chemical products because steam doesn’t leave any streaks behind and won't release any harsh toxins in the air you breathe while cleaning. Apply steam to the window using the window tool and use the squeegee side to remove any residual humidity. Otherwise, you can spray steam directly on the surface of the window using the steam lance and then wipe the surface with a clean microfiber cloth.

Clean those cup holders!

Get rid of sticky residue that accumulates in the cup holders of your car by blasting steam directly on the area using the steam lance, then wiping dislodge dirt and residue with a microfiber cloth. Steam cleaners are excellent car detailing tools because of their ability to reach the small nooks and crannies that can be difficult to get to with any other cleaning method. The superheated steam also acts as a disinfectant, so the surfaces of your car will be cleaner than ever before.

Restore door jambs and trims

You can use your steam cleaner to efficiently clean door jambs and trims that gather lots of dirt. The high steam pressure quickly blows away dirt and grease while the heat melts away stuck-on residue, resulting in completely restored trim. After steaming the area, you can easily wipe away the remnants with a microfiber cloth.

Refresh consoles and dashboards

One of the most challenging parts of car and auto detailing is getting at the dust and dirt that lingers in small areas of your car's interior. Using a steam cleaner to clean the dashboard and steering wheel effectively removes dust and dirt. The low-moisture steam emitted by Dupray steam cleaners can be applied using the steam lance on surfaces like the radio, steering wheel controls, knobs, ventilation systems, buttons and switches to easily steam away odors and dirt.

"One of the most challenging parts of car and auto detailing is getting at the dust and dirt that lingers in small areas of your car's interior. The low-moisture steam emitted by Dupray steam cleaners can be applied on most surfaces inside your car to easily remove odors and dirt."

Don't forget the door panels

The door panels of your car get dirty easily because they are manipulated each time you and your passengers get in and out of the car. It is important to clean this area and disinfect it entirely. Steam cleaning car door panels easily melts away dirt, germs and residue. Set your steam cleaner to a low pressure setting and then pass the triangle tool - wrapped with a microfiber cloth - over the surface of the door panel. The low moisture steam will lift the dirt and completely sanitize this heavily used area.

Clear the ventilation system

When dust has accumulated on your car's ventilation system, these irritants are moved around your car's interior each time the system is turned on. Allergy associations recommend using steam as the best way to kill allergens and dust mites. The high pressure and heat produced by steam cleaners effectively dislodges dirt, dust and pathogens that my lie in the ventilation system with a quick burst of steam that moves through each vent. Carefully steam clean the entire ventilation system of your car to ensure that you and your passengers are breathing the best air possible inside your car.

Cleaning car carpets

Cleaning the carpets in your car can seem like a daunting task. Dirt is often heavily set in on these carpets and getting it out may seem impossible. Steam cleaners can be used to remove dirt and odors from your car carpet. The bristles of the brush attachments will lift the dirt from the fibers of the carpet to rejuvenate the overall look of the carpet. After steam cleaning, it will only take a few minutes for your car carpets to dry. You may choose to vacuum the carpets afterwards for an absolutely perfect result.

Getting rid of salt stains

Salt stains that have been deeply ingrained into your car carpets can be the most difficult to clean. Dupray steam cleaners have the power to easily dissolve salt that has been tracked into the car from winter roads. Simply remove the salt rocks using the steam cleaner and scrubbing with the brush attachment, then wipe the area with a microfiber cloth to pick up the dislodge salt and dirt. You will be amazed at the before-and-after results of this cleaning method. Keep it up regularly during the winter months to maintain the quality of your car's carpets and floor mats.

Do more than just car detailing

Dupray steam cleaners come with a complete set of accessories that allow you to steam clean every inch of your automobile, but can also be used to detail and restore RVs, boats, buses, and motorcycles! Steam cleaning is an ideal cleaning solution for detailing as it is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean any surface.

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