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Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.
2023-07-27 Dupray
Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

Experience the magic of steam cleaning: from floors to mattresses and stainless steel, achieve unmatched hygiene and sparkling results effortlessly!
Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

1. Floors

Dry steam is perfectly safe for use on all types of floors. Use your steam cleaner to quickly and efficiently clean sealed hardwood and concrete floors without leaving any streaks from product residue.

2. Mattresses

You can steam clean your mattress regularly for a general re-fresh; but steam cleaners are also a super effective solution for eliminating bed bugs. Use the triangle tool to steam the entire surface of the mattress and pillows; this will get rid of bacteria and prevent further infestation.

Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

3. Stainless steel

Dry steam is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting stainless steel appliances without leaving marks from water or chemical residue. Use the triangle tool across the entire surface of the appliance, and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth for a shiny, streak-free result!

4. Carpets

Steam can be used to remove virtually any mess from your carpets; wine stains, gum…you name it! Steam will also remove odors and bacteria, and can even be used on delicate carpets. To target a specific area, use the steam lance to spray concentrated steam in one area. Hold a folded microfiber cloth close to the area you are steaming to catch dislodged dirt and excess moisture as you go.

Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

5. Mirrors

Steam is one of the only ecological ways to get totally streak-free mirrors. You can use the hose without any accessories to steam the entire surface of the mirror and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. You may also choose to use the window tool to steam the mirror and then pull away excess moisture as you pull the tool downwards over the surface.

6. Oven / Stovetop

Another difficult cleaning task made easy! Steam is powerful enough to remove residue and baked-in grease from your kitchen appliances. Use it on your stovetop or inside your oven for a clean, disinfected cooking space. The brush attachments can be useful for scraping dirt away from the inside of your oven (on the racks, door, etc.) as the steam melts away all that caked on dirt, grease and grime.

Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

7. Leather

Leather is another material that can be cleaned with steam. Not only is steam cleaning completely safe for leather surfaces, but it delivers optimal results because the steam cleans deep inside the pores of the leather surface. You can use a steam cleaner to clean leather seats inside your car, or leather furniture in your home.

8. Grout lines

Get ready to be blown away by the before and after! Most people don’t realize how much dirt is accumulated on their grout lines and tiles until they use a steam cleaner to really see the difference. For this cleaning task, you can use a brush attachment to scrub the grout lines as you steam. This is a powerful cleaning method that will lift dirt from your grout lines and make them cleaner than ever before.

Top 10 things to steam clean in your home.

9. Toys and stuffed animals

It is a good idea to clean your child's toys and stuffed animals regularly to get rid of dirt and germs they pick up. Steam cleaning is a safe, chemical-free way to sanitize your child’s toys because it does not require any cleaning products at all. Steam cleaning uses superheated water to clean and disinfect. There is no residue left behind that could potentially cause unpleasant reactions in your child. This means you can steam clean your child’s toys and stuffed animals regularly and enjoy peace of mind knowing they won’t be exposed to any harsh toxins.

10. BBQs

Cleaning your barbecue can sometimes be a daunting task. Burnt grease and food residue often accumulates on your barbecue and can be very difficult to clean properly. Skip the tiresome scrubbing with barbecue brushes and use a steam cleaner to easily blast away that grease and grime and keep your grill in top shape all season long!

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