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Car Cleaning - Dupray Carmen Super Inox™ Steam Extractor

The Dupray Carmen Super Inox is an incredible commercial grade car detailing tool. Versatile and powerful, this dry steam extractor is able to deep clean, degrease, sanitize and detail any car, truck or RV interior. Steam cleaning does wonders inside of cars and can also be used on engines and rims. Available on standard 110v or ultra powerful 220v, this steam cleaner comes packed with all the accessories you need for professional car detailing. This is not a regular hot water extractor for cleaning carpets, it is a dry (only 5% water) steam generator with integrated wet/dry vacuum and detergent tank, able to detail hard surfaces, carpets, rims, engines and leather. The exterior of the car can be cleaner with this steam cleaner, but the 220v version is essential for better results and more constant steam pressure.To learn more about steam cleaning or about the best steam cleaners for car detailing, visit our website at


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