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Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner
2024-04-08 Dupray

Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner

The Ultimate Dry Steam Cleaner For Industrial The Dupray SteamPro Industrial steam cleaner is a true problem solver for any food production factories, bottling plants, and mechanical shop. The SteamPro Industrial is a custom-built unit that produces insane amount of low-moisture steam inside its high quality stainless steel boiler. A Custom-Built Industrial MarvelAssembled according to your exact needs in your choice of 21 kW or 43 kW, 440 V, 480 V or 575 V / 600 V, the SteamPro Industrial let you reap massive gains in productivity by reducing drastically cleaning and sanitation times. The SteamPro steam cleaner is simply put the most powerful 3-phase steam cleaner on the market, featuring a fully stainless steel casing, direct water connection and detergent injection to supercharge your cleaning.Dupray's most powerful steam cleaner is ideal for deep clean, degrease sanitize, disinfect, remove residue from production equipment, CNC milling machines, slicers, conveyor belts and more. Producing superheated dry steam at up to 413°F/212°C and pressure of up to 12 bar / 170 psi, the USA-made SteamPro Industrial is engineered to leave the competition behind. Massive Steam Power and Durability. The SteamPro Industrial is pretty much indestructible, producing steam at higher density, temperature and pressure than any competitor. Assembled in the USA with strong, reliable components, you can rest assured that every care was given to ensure an outstanding long-lasting performance. High Performance Stainless Steel Boiler and CasingEvery professional steam cleaner like the SteamPro Industrial has an extra large hand-welded stainless steel boiler. Dupray backs all its boilers with a lifetime warranty. Other ingenious features like steam pressure adjustment for total control and direct water feed to steam clean without interruption all come standard with the Dupray SteamPro Industrial steam cleaner.The Most Powerful and Versatile Industrial Steam Cleaner. The dense amount of dry steam generated by this industrial steam cleaner can attack any heavy-duty application. It is the ultimate problem solver in the food processing, manufacturing and bottling industry. The Best Industrial Steam Cleaning Accessories. Every accessories compatible with the Steampro are custom-made for your needs. Dupray offers conveyor belt stations to clean and degrease any type of conveyor during production, while the belt is running. You have a wide selection of accessories to choose from, all of which are made to last and withstand long hours of use. Best in Class. Offering superior steam production for serious industrial users, the Dupray SteamPro Industrial is backed by a full year warranty on parts and labor plus a lifetime warranty on the boiler and casing. Low-Moisture steam is the secret to deep precision cleaning. Simply put, it is basically pressurized steam, superheated to very high temperatures. It combines 5% water content with high pressure to create the most powerful natural cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting agent. Generating steam at temperatures of up to 413°F / 212°C and pressures of up to 12 bar / 170 psi, the SteamPro Industrial is unmatched in the steam cleaner market. An Eco-Friendly Industrial Steam Cleaner That Reduces Water UsageBy drastically reducing water and cleaning chemical usgage, the SteamPro Industrial steam cleaner is a essential tool in any major industry. Using only 3 gallons of water per hour instead of hundreds, this steam cleaner is safe for the environment and allows savings on cleaning labor as well. The SteamPro Industrial also allows operators to release a biodegradable, food-safe detergent in the steam.To inquire about Dupray's industrial steam cleaning applications or to order the SteamPro Industrial, please visit

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