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Wine and Bottling Industry - Dupray Steam Box™ Steam Cleaner
2024-04-08 Dupray

Wine and Bottling Industry - Dupray Steam Box™ Steam Cleaner

The Dupray Steam Box steam cleaner is a professional-grade tool able to deep clean, sanitize, rejuvenate oak barrels used in the wine industry. This powerful steam cleaner produces steam at up to 350°F and can be hooked to the automatic bottling line for high temperature disinfection or used with its accessory kit to detail any kind of production equipment. The 220v Steam Box is capable of cleaning stainless steel tanks up to 3000L (for larger capacity tanks, consider the three-phased SteamPro Industrial). Offering unparalleled steam pressure at up to 8 bars/121 psi, continuous refill, unique water injection feature and integrated detergent tank, the Steam Box is the best portable steam cleaner for the wine industry.To learn more about steam cleaning, sterilization with steam or about the best steam cleaners for the wine industry, visit our website at

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STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner

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