Vaporizing Allergies Away With a Dry Steam Cleaner

Some people still think that cleaning a house with harsh chemicals is the best way to free it from allergens and dirt. It seems a bit paradoxical since the symptoms related to expositions to most household cleaning chemicals are very similar to pollen or dust mite reactions (watery eyes, coughing, running noses, and skin irritation and more). Having a home that is free of pollutants and chemical residues is crucial to minimise allergy symptoms. In this article we will outline the difference between cleaning your house with chemicals and using dry vapor steam to truly eliminate the causes of allergy attacks. There are many reasons why most best-selling cleaning chemicals for residential uses aren’t as good as you would like to think. While some are more effective than others, harsh cleaners are known to cause or aggravate existing respiratory problems. Allergy sufferers are normally people with a very sensitive respiratory system. Many allergy-sufferers have weakened immune systems resulting from their body’s perpetual battle against allergen agents that they are exposed to daily. Fumes will eventually settle down on your floors and chemical residues left on a surface usually dry up and become airborne with dust particles, causing breathing distress or allergic reactions to the user. Exposure to chemicals like bleach and other caustic agents are now under serious scrutiny for their possible links with other major health issues, including cancer. So think about it, every time you spray harsh cleaning chemicals in your kitchen or around your bedroom, ask yourself, would I breathe this stuff? Should I really prepare food on the surface I just sprayed? In case you wonder what can effectively replace the use of household cleaning chemicals by allergy-sufferers, the answer is simple, cost-effective and 100% natural, water. Dry vapor steam cleaning is fast, easy to use, eco-friendly, and, best of all, completely free of any nasty chemicals. You can even use a commercial steam cleaner to deep-clean your whole house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Since steam cleaning uses only a very small amount of tap water that is heated up to 192°C / 376°F, it won’t aggravate your allergies, and even better, it is guaranteed to get rid of pollutants and get rid of allergens from your home. Because of its superheated nature, dry steam that contains only 5% water is a natural disinfectant: it can sanitize, deodorize and clean any surface, much faster than with traditional cleaning methods.

The secret is that the heat from the steam itself will do the cleaning. A good way to picture it is to imagine yourself cleaning with boiling water, but without the excess moisture. The results you can get with steam cleaning are truly spectacular. What Can a Steam Machine Do? The best commercial steam cleaners are able to attack virtually any cleaning task. They will remove dirt, grime, grease and stains while killing microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, odors, mold and mildew. A powerful steam cleaner can even remove the cause and prevent mold problems, instead of working only on the surface like most chemical cleaning agents. Using the standard triangle tool, pet dander, dust, spills and accidents are also quickly controlled and treated. Dust Mites Allergies When it comes to dust mites, nothing comes even close to beating steam cleaning to relieve allergy symptoms. As many of you already knows, dust mites are tiny organisms found in nearly any textile or fibrous material. These microscopic insects will feed, reproduce and die in your pillows, mattresses, furniture, carpets and more. They live feeding on dead skin and moisture. Their waste is the primary concern for allergy sufferers: the dust mites faeces are so small and light that they become airborne when a human moves in the bed or simply walks on the carpet. The inhalation of the dust mite faeces will trigger allergic reactions; causing sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, runny nose and coughing. Using a steam cleaner on your bed, drapes and pillows can be the solution for a good night’s sleep without allergy symptoms. Steam will kill on contact any dust mite, leaving no residues or excess water behind. Regular treatment of the mattress (every few weeks or more often for heavy allergy sufferers) can prevent the return of the dust mite colony and improve the allergy symptoms. Experts even say that treating a mattress with hot steam is the best way to kill bedbugs or keep them at bay. Mold, Bacteria and Mildew Allergies We just learned how using an effective steam cleaner in your house can remove one of the biggest concerns of allergy sufferers. How about other common household pollutants like mold, bacteria and mildew? These last allergens are known to increase allergy symptoms for certain the majority of allergy sufferers. Allergy-sufferers must understand that they really get rid of as many allergy triggers as possible from their houses if they want to control allergy symptoms. This is where the steam cleaner comes handy. Steam will directly attack bacteria, mildew and mold spores on any surface, soft or hard, even when these allergens are not visible to the naked eye. Can Cleaning with Dry Vapor Steam Really Improve My Allergy Symptoms? Definitely, as dry steam cleaning is the best way to get rid of dust mites and other allergens in your house. Since you can also use the steam cleaner as a multiuse all-natural cleaning tool, you clean without using any sort of chemical, saving money and relieving your allergy symptoms. Be sure to carefully pass steam on your carpets, mattresses, sofas and furniture at least once a month, or every week for heavy allergy sufferers. After using steam, it is certain that you will feel a change in your environment. Not only you will breath easier, but you will also eat, sleep and live in a much healthier place. How to Choose the Right Steam Cleaner? Today’s steam cleaners are simple to set up, operate, and require next to no maintenance except for a quick boiler drain every 50 hours of use. Purchasing a high-quality steam cleaner to help fight allergies is your best bet to improve your quality of life and even save money replacing all the cleaning chemicals you keep buying over the years. When choosing the right model, we recommend buying a high quality commercial grade steam cleaner. Most plastic residential home steam cleaners are too weak to effectively remove allergens and sometimes frustrating to work with, because they do not produce enough steam at a high enough temperature to be effective. Like anything in life, buy it cheap, buy it twice. A high-quality steam cleaner is an investment that will serve your needs for 15-20 years with proper care. Remember that this money will help you breathe and live easier and healthier.

There are 2 main features that determine the cleaning power of a steam cleaner : the steam pressure and the steam temperature. When it comes to pressure, the higher it is the more efficient you will be when using the steam cleaner for heavy duty steam cleaning tasks and the more consistent the low steam setting will be on the unit. The temperature should also go as high as possible, to ensure the highest level of disinfection and cleaning power. Anything under 145°C / 290°F should be avoided. Models like the Dupray Tosca are affordable yet super powerful commercial steam cleaners, backed by a solid lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 year warranty on parts. The Tosca packs 5 bar (74psi) of steam pressure, a solid steel casing (no cheap plastics) and a steam temperature up to 160°C / 320°F. If you desire even more cleaning power, the Dupray Hill Super Inox (6 bar of steam pressure and 165°C / 329°F) or the Dupray Hill Injection (8 bar of steam pressure and up to 192°C / 376°F) both feature continuous steam capabilities, allowing for the user to steam clean uninterrupted for hours without down time. For a complete buyer’s guide about what to look for in a steam cleaning machine and how to choose the best vapor steam cleaner, read here. More Information About Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners? For more information about dry vapor steam cleaners, see our frequently asked questions or view our articles and tips section. Note that Dupray Industries, a renowned supplier of the world’s best steam cleaners offers a wide range of dry vapor steam machines engineered for your needs. Not sure what steam cleaner model is best for you? Our team of experts can take the guess work out of decision-making.