Control allergies and eliminate dust mites with steam.

Allergies are a serious health problem. Dust, dust mites, pollution, smoke, pollen, chemicals and other allergens surround us daily, affecting our quality of life. A major cause of allergy symptom distress is inadequate cleaning. Unfortunately, most vacuums and brooms are not effective enough when it comes to controlling allergens in our homes. Our specialized line of steam cleaning equipment is essential for getting rid of dust mites and controlling allergies. These incredible steam cleaners provide extensive household application capabilities including grout cleaning, car cleaning, bedbug extermination, general cleaning and more.

Steam cleaners can be used all around your house and business to get rid of dust mites, allergens, and other organisms.
Steam can be used for:

  • Cleaning you entire house to reduce the general level of dust and allergens in the air.
  • Releasing dust and dirt from air ducts, ventilation systems, and air conditioning units.
  • Eliminating bedbugs, dust mites, and other parasites.
  • Removing chemical films left by household cleaning products.
  • Disinfecting refrigerators and others kitchen appliances.

Dupray steam cleaners advantage.

Reduce your symptoms with superheated steam.

Unlike vacuums that don’t reach deep enough or mattress pads that only cover up the problem, Dupray steam cleaners neutralize all allergens on any surface. Stop wasting money and start steaming away your allergies. Heat produced by steam cleaners is transferred to the surface through vapor to instantly eliminate dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. The intense jet of steam breaks through and blasts away biofilms left on surfaces to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. With less than 5% moisture content, steam dries quickly and easily so you won’t have to worry about mildew or mold.

Exterminating Dust Mites and Bed bugs from Caperts With Steam

Removing odors with steam.

Cleaning pillows and cushions With a Dupray Steam Cleaners

Effectively remove odors from your home with steam.

Home-grade steam cleaners remove odors that are trapped in mattresses, sofas, couches, chairs, carpets and rugs. The heat mixed with the low moisture opens pores, getting deep down to neutralize odors. Steam is far more effective than traditional cleaning methods when it comes to air freshening anywhere in your home.
Steam gives you the power to clean and disinfect your entire house without relying on harsh chemicals, keeping your family safer.

Compatible Steam Cleaners

ONE™ Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner is perfect to tackle all kinds of cleaning tasks around the house or at the office. With a steam temperature reaching up to 311°F / 155°C and pressure of 58 psi / 4 bar, the ONE™ is efficient, convenient, and especially easy to use.

Special $649.00*

Tosca™ Steam Cleaner

Producing steam temperatures of up to 160ºC / 316ºF, it offers up to 2 hours of cleaning power per tankful. Its high-temperature output and low price make the commercial-grade Tosca™ ideal for any steam cleaning tasks.

Special $996.00*

Hill Injection™ Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner features a non-pressurized dual tank system for continuous refill and hot water injection. Producing steam up to 175ºC / 345ºF even the most heavy-duty tasks are no match for the Hill Injection™. It is the most powerful, portable 110V steam cleaner on the market.

Special $1,997.00*