Exterminating bedbugs with a steam cleaner.

Bed bugs spread rapidly and are notoriously very hard to get rid of, so when you discover these parasites in your home or business it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Your first reaction might be to call an exterminator, but this solution often turns out to be very expensive and inefficient. Exterminators use chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment. Even then, those harsh products cannot kill the bed bugs eggs, which means your pest problem will be back a few weeks later.
Fortunately, bed bugs have one true weakness: heat. As resilient as they seem, all it takes to kill them is exposure to a steam temperature of at least 120°F / 48°C (the higher the better). This is why Dupray steam cleaners are your best option to exterminate bed bugs, as they produce lethal high temperature steam.
When done correctly, one single steam treatment can get rid of those parasites – for good. This natural cleaning and disinfecting solution is also the less costly and can be used for a wide variety of other applications at home or for your business.

Steam can be used everywhere to eliminate bed bugs. Use it for:

  • Killing bed bugs, dust mites and other parasites hidden in mattresses, cushions, and upholstery.
  • Exterminating bed bugs found in furniture including nightstands, beds, and dressers.
  • Removing bed bugs from carpets and floorings.
  • Getting rid of bed bugs found in box springs.

3 steps to determine of you have bedbugs.

Bed bugs tend to stay close to their food source, which is blood. So if you or someone in your household wake up with some red itchy bumps, you might have bed bugs. Bed bugs are generally found in mattresses, pillows, cushions, clothing, boxsprings and furniture. They look like tiny black dots all gathered together and they spread fast, which is why it is important to detect them as soon as possible and act immediately. Follow the steps below to determine if you have bed bugs:

Step 1 : Search the stiches

Bed bugs hide in the small corners or crevices of mattresses, linens, pillows and clothing. The first place to verify is the stitching of the mattress itself, then places where bed bugs are most commonly found such as sheets, pillows, and cushions. Look for very small black dots (bed bug eggs) grouped together in grapes.

Step 2: Check furniture and floors

If you detect them after step 1, it’s also a good idea to check your furniture and carpeting as they spread quickly throughout your home.

Step 3: Size and severity

Try to determine how far the infestation has spread by looking around and identifying the places you must perform a steam treatment. Verify all pieces of furniture, bedding and clothing in every room.

How to kill bedbugs with steam.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get rid of bed bugs using a steam cleaner:

Clean up and clear out

  • Clean up and clear the clutter to eliminate hiding spaces.
  • Vacuum your carpets, furniture, mattresses and box springs to get rid of dust and debris.
  • Wash all linens and clothing in hot water. Dry, then seal in plastic bags to keep them protected.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect your vacuum and any accessories used in the process.
  • Make sure to throw all bags in the trash outside your home.

Start steaming

  • Fill your steam cleaner with water and turn it on.
  • Install the appropriate tool on the hose or extension tubes. The best tool for bedbug removal is the triangular tool with a microfiber cloth.
  • The key here is to work slowly, to ensure the steam has time to heat up the surface and penetrate it in depth. Take your time and steam everywhere very slowly.
  • Steam your environment top to bottom, beginning with curtains or drapes and working your way down to other furniture.
  • Steam you mattress by attaching a microfiber cloth to your triangular tool in order to insolate steam and pass slowly on the mattress.
  • Set the steam cleaner on low or medium pressure to avoid pushing bed bugs deeper into the mattress instead of killing them.
  • Slowly pass steam on all six sides of your mattress and repeat as needed to make sure you steamed everywhere.

Dry out and wrap up

  • Allow any steamed surfaces to dry.
  • Wrap mattress, box spring and any freshly steamed furniture in tear resistant plastic for two weeks to ensure all living organism will die.
  • Examine the furniture carefully for feces, skins, or living bed bugs.
  • If signs of bed bugs are found after a week repeat the entire process.

Compatible Steam Cleaners

ONE™ Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner is perfect to tackle all kinds of cleaning tasks around the house or at the office. With a steam temperature reaching up to 311°F / 155°C and pressure of 58 psi / 4 bar, the ONE™ is efficient, convenient, and especially easy to use.

Special $649.00*

Tosca™ Steam Cleaner

Producing steam temperatures of up to 160ºC / 316ºF, it offers up to 2 hours of cleaning power per tankful. Its high-temperature output and low price make the commercial-grade Tosca™ ideal for any steam cleaning tasks.

Special $996.00*

Hill Injection™ Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner features a non-pressurized dual tank system for continuous refill and hot water injection. Producing steam up to 175ºC / 345ºF even the most heavy-duty tasks are no match for the Hill Injection™. It is the most powerful, portable 110V steam cleaner on the market.

Special $1,997.00*

Carmen Super Inox™ Steam Extractor

Available in 120V and 220V, the Carmen Super Inox™ produces steam temperatures up to 180ºC / 356ºF. It also comes fully equipped with continuous refill, a built-in wet/dry vacuum system to extract residue and detergent injection.

Special $3,997.00*