Wine industry steam cleaning.

When it comes to wine, nothing is more important than taste. It is the livelihood for every winery around the world. All good wine makers understand that anything that comes in contact with barrels or bottling lines can and will effect the taste of your finished product. It is for this reason that steam cleaning is, hands down, the only safe solution for cleaning winery equipment.

Get superior cleaning power without sacrificing the taste.

  • Sanitizing bottling lines.
  • Sterilizing wine barrels.
  • Rehydrating and revitalizing oak barrels.
  • Removing left over bitter tannins and accumulated tartrates.
  • Sanitizing tanks and other equipment.
  • Detailing production equipment.

Three main steam cleaning applications for wineries.

Steam cleaning wine barrels

Oak barrels are among the biggest investments a winery will make. Dupray industrial steam cleaners are a safe and effective treatment, protecting the longevity of the barrel and thereby increasing the productivity a wine maker can get out of each oak barrel. This is both cost effective and eco-friendly. Steam also works deep into wood pores, releasing tartrates, old wine and bitter tannins absorbed inside the barrel to revitalize them without damaging the oak char. Steam can also be used to rehydrate the barrels.

Steam Cleaning Wine Barrels With a Dupray Steam Cleaner
Cleaning Bottling Lines With a Dupray Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning the bottling line

Steam provides superior efficiency and effectiveness for sterilizing bottling lines as it diffuses evenly throughout the lines without the forces of gravity working against it. Steam is safe for all the parts of your bottling line system including filters, stainless steel monoblocks, the spouts and the lines themselves.

Sanitizing tanks and removing tartrates

Tartrates and other substances cling to the walls of storage tanks. Steam naturally melts away all residue and tartrates, while the condensation drains out the bottom of the tank. A quick rinse with cold water causes a thermo-shock removing any remaining residue from the walls. After only 15 to 30 minutes, the tank is completely sterilized without the use of caustic or other harsh chemicals. Plus, Dupray steam cleaning systems eliminate the need for people to climb inside the tanks, making them easier to clean and less susceptible to contamination.

Sanitizing Tanks and Removing Tartrates

Compatible Steam Cleaners

Steam Box™ Steam Cleaner

Producing steam temperatures up to 175°C / 347°F and pressures up to 8 bar / 121 psi, the Steam Box™ offers unlimited cleaning time with continuous refills. Detergent and water injection also allow you to quickly rinse the surface when you’re finished. This is the ultimate steam cleaning solution for the bigger steam cleaning jobs.

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