Steam Box™ steam cleaner
cleaning videos

Watch the many ways Dupray steamers simplify your cleaning routine.

  • Clean cars with steam.

    Clean cars with steam.

    Detail cars, clean leather and fabric seats, wheels, hard surfaces, engines, door jams, consoles and remove stains.

  • Clean production equipment.

    Clean production equipment.

    Detail and degrease production equipment like milling machines, cnc units, conveyor belts and other hard to clean equipment.

  • Clean wine barrels and bottling lines.

    Clean wine barrels and bottling lines.

    Deep clean oak barrels and sanitize bottling lines with steam.

  • Clean grout lines.

    Clean grout lines.

    Deep clean grouts lines and porous tiles to restore their shine.

  • Clean & sanitize floors.

    Clean & sanitize floors.

    Clean and disinfect hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, grout lines, carpets, porous stones, linoleum and more.

  • Clean & degrease commercial kitchens.

    Clean & degrease commercial kitchens.

    Perfect for cleaning businesses and restaurant owners.

  • Sanitize kitchens.

    Sanitize kitchens.

    Clean and degrease kitchen equipment, ovens, fridges, sinks, BBQs, countertops, and more.

  • Clean & deodorize furniture.

    Clean & deodorize furniture.

    Steam clean furniture, chairs, delicate upholstery, leather, remove stains and odors.

  • Clean & sanitize bathrooms.

    Clean & sanitize bathrooms.

    Disinfect toilets, clean showers, remove soap and mineral residue.

  • Eliminate germs & undesirables.

    Eliminate germs & undesirables.

    Viruses, bacteria, germs, mold and mildew are quickly gone with steam cleaning.

  • Exterminate bed bugs.

    Exterminate bed bugs.

    Kill bed bugs and remove dust mites from mattresses and furniture.

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