• CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
  • CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
  • CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
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CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor video-KHLSFoBr_NU
  • Add detergent.
  • Extract with the integrated vacuum.
  • Available on 110V or superior 220V.
Made in Italy

Made in Italy

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  • 110V
  • 220V

Our best commercial steam extractor.

Clean. Disinfect. Vacuum. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface or equipment

Clean anything, anywhere, faster.

Get a deeper clean with a commercial steam cleaner equiped with detergent injection and a built-in wet/dry vacuum. Whether you select the 120 V base model or the superior 220 V version which produces 2 times the amount of steam and has 20% more vacuum suction, both units offer complete performance and versatility. The Carmen Super Inox™ steam extractor is perfect for the most stubborn cleaning situations such as car detailing, gum removal, grout cleaning or kitchen degreasing. Featuring continuous refill technology, adjustable steam pressure and heavy-duty accessories, this professional steam cleaner makes the perfect business partner.

Detergent injection

Add detergent in the steam
for faster cleaning and degreasing.

Dupray Carmen Super Inox™ Steam Cleaner - Detergent injection
carmen vacuum section


117 CFM / 3.3 m3/min

1.5 gal. / 5.5 L

Dupray Carmen Super Inox™ Steam Cleaner - Water refill

Refill while in use

The Carmen Super Inox™ steam cleaner can be refilled
with regular tap water at any time, eliminating downtime.

meets versatility.

STEAM PRESSURE 105 psi / 7 bar


AVAILABLE IN 110 V or 220 V

carmen mesurement

13'1" / 4 m detachable hose

with steam pressure control detergent injection extraction

Perfect for floor cleaning.

Excels at car detailing.

Great for furniture cleaning.

Commercial quality.Suitable for any cleaning business.

The most complete steam vacuum accessory kit.

The Carmen Super Inox™ steam cleaner comes packed with a 34-piece heavy-duty steam vacuum cleaning kit, complete with a full set of long-lasting detailing brushes.


Get a free accessory bag & BIOVAP® detergent


BIOVAP® detergent

Super concentrated.

Formulated for your steam cleaner.
Makes up to 4.75 gal. / 18 L.

Reliable steam cleaning technologies.

The Carmen Super Inox™ is Dupray’s most advanced steam extractor, offering exceptional cleaning power. Backed by a solid 3-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the boiler, this commercial steam cleaner is engineered for 24/7 work.

Steam sanitizes better.

Sanitize anything, anywhere using only regular tap water. Disinfection is made easy with the Dupray Carmen Super Inox™ steam extractor’s powerful jet of dry vapor steam, when used properly it can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The complete cleaning kit provides easy-to-use tools for sanitizing almost anything including floors, countertops, toys, beds, furniture, bathrooms, and anywhere else in your house.

Kills up to99.9% of bacteria
and viruses

Self-cleaning stainless steel boiler

The Carmen Super Inox™’s boiler is made out of high-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and assembled with TIG welds for increased strength. The boiler is built past the requirements to ensure that it will never break, hence the lifetime warranty on the boiler itself. Dupray’s commercial line of steam cleaners are built with patented fully encapsulated heating elements. The elements expand and contract during the machine’s heating cycles to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits.

ActiveSafe™ Technology

Dupray offers the safest steam cleaners on the market. ActiveSafe™ technology is the combination of a variety of safety features including a low water warning, thermal overload, two pressure relief valves, an electromagnetic float, and an auto shut-off.

Automatic shut-off

You don't need to worry about overheating. As soon as the water inside the boiler goes below a secure level, the element automatically shuts off to protect the steam cleaner from running dry.

Steam is greener.

Dupray is proud to help reforest the planet by committing to plant one million trees.
For every steam cleaner sold, Dupray will plant a tree on your behalf.

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