• NEAT™ Steam Cleaner
  • NEAT™ Steam Cleaner
  • NEAT™ Steam Cleaner
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NEAT™ Steam Cleaner NEAT™ Steam Cleaner NEAT™ Steam Cleaner video-OXGM7BIV8gg

  • Integrated funnel and retractable handle.
  • Powerful superheated steam: up to 275°F/135°C.
  • 17 premium accessories.
  • Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time with one fill up.

Designed in Canada

Designed in Canada

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Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize.

Any surface. Chemical-free.

Best multipurpose heavy-duty steam cleaner
for your home.

Perfect for

Cleaning the most stubborn floor messes is a breeze with this versatile floor tool which can be used with regular cloths, microfiber pads or microfiber bonnets.

Great for
grout cleaning.

Deep clean grout lines and porous tiles to restore their shine.

Kitchen appliances.

Sanitize and degrease kitchen equipment, ovens, fridges, sinks, BBQs, countertops, and more.

Ceramic and tiles.

Easily restore ceramic and stone tiles to their original shine.

Car interiors.

Detail car interiors, non-sensitive leather and fabric seats, hard surfaces, engines, door jams, consoles and remove stains.


Steam clean furniture, chairs, delicate upholstery, leather, remove stains and odors.


Kill bed bugs and remove dust mites from mattresses and furniture.


Disinfect toilets, clean showers, remove soap and mineral residue.

This is NEAT™

Our most compact and portable steam cleaner.

home steam cleaner features

The NEAT™ steam cleaner is an efficient, ultra-reliable do-it-all cleaning and sanitation solution. Designed for performance, ease of use and durability, this steam cleaner delivers the cleaning power of much larger professional units. It can easily remove dirt, grease, and stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, bedbugs, mold and other undesirables from any type of floors, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, car interiors, grout and tiles, bathrooms and more. Give your home a deep clean and experience perfect results with the Dupray NEAT™ steam cleaner.

Unique modern design.
Unmatched quality.

Powerful superheated steam up to 275°F/135°C.

17 premium accessories

You are all set.

Take a look

Light. Portable.

Designed with portability in mind, the Neat's lightweight and
retractable handle make it as effortless and comfortable as
possible to move around.

Integrated funnel.

Large capacity tank at 54oz./1600ml.
Up to 50 min of cleaning time.

Cloth or pad.





100% chemical-free.

The NEAT™ steam cleaner’s jet of 275°F/135°C superheated steam instantly disinfects up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Goodbye wrinkles.

Freshen up your clothes while they’re still on the hanger. A new convenient way to get rid of annoying wrinkles.

Steam is greener.

Dupray is proud to help reforest the planet by committing to plant one million trees.
For every steam cleaner sold, Dupray will plant a tree on your behalf.

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