• STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner
  • STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner
  • STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner
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STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner video-CVAAa4AwV2g

  • Unmatched steam output.
  • Inject detergent or hot water in the steam for faster cleaning.
  • 220V. 5400W.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

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Our most powerful commercial steam cleaner.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease.
Deodorize. Any surface or equipment.

A steam cleaner for heavy-duty jobs.

Detergent injection

Add detergent in the steam for faster cleaning.

Hot water injection

Supercharge your cleaning and rinse surfaces with more water in the steam.

steam output.


220 V

5400 W

16'5" / 5 m detachable hose

with steam pressure control hot water injection detergent injection

Perfect for floor cleaning.

Excels at car detailing.

Great for grout and tile cleaning.

Commercial quality.Suitable for any cleaning business.

Refill while in use or connect directly to a water line.

The Steam Box™ steam cleaner can be refilled with regular tap water at any time. It can also be hooked directly to a hose for a direct water feed.

Durable accessories for your commercial steam cleaner.

The Steam Box™ steam cleaner comes ready to work right out of the box, with a complete kit of heavy-duty accessories. The kit includes 26 commercial-strength attachments that equip you to perform any professional cleaning jobs.


Get a free accessory bag & BIOVAP® detergent


ADI™ Accurate Digital Interface

Monitor the steam temperature up to 347°F / 175°C

Consult the steam pressure 121 PSI / 8 BAR

Be reminded to do your
2-minute boiler cleaning.

An invaluable steam cleaning tool for your business.

The most demanding cleaning applications require both detergent and hot water injection in order to optimize results. The Steam Box™ commercial steam cleaner provides superior power in a durable stainless steel casing. With 5400 watts of power delivered to the boiler, it generates three-and-a-half times more steam than any 110 V models. The continuous refill and direct water line capabilities make the Steam Box™ the ultimate steam cleaning masterpiece, ideal for auto detailing, degreasing surfaces and sanitizing production equipment.

Superheated dry vapor

Low-moisture superheated steam is produced by combining the perfect amount of humidity with high temperature and pressure. The Steam Box™ steam cleaner will pressurize its stainless steel boiler at up to 121 psi / 8 bar to produce dry vapor. With only 5% water content, superheated steam is an incredible way to clean and sanitize naturally.

Steam sanitizes better.

High temperature steam cleaning is nature's way to disinfect any surface. When used properly it can remove 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses by exposing them to 347°F / 175°C steam. Superheated steam is used every day to sanitize food equipment, floors, wine barrels, kitchen equipment, slicers, bathrooms, offices, cars or virtually any other surface.

Kills up to99.9% of bacteria
and viruses

BIOVAP® detergent

Super concentrated.

Formulated for your steam cleaner.
Makes up to 4.75 gal. / 18 L.

Performance packed-in.

Underneath its sleek reinforced stainless steel exterior, the Steam Box™ is built with strong and durable European components to ensure all-out performance. Assembled in Italy, this commercial steam cleaner operates by generating superheated steam in an indestructible stainless steel boiler, using only regular tap water. The operator can adjust the steam pressure and easily inject extra boiling water or detergent into the steam, for the most intense steam cleaning applications. With its ADI™ interface and user-friendly controls, the Steam Box™ is a favorite of car detailers, wineries, cleaning businesses and production plants.

Advanced steam cleaning technologies.

The Steam Box™ is Dupray’s most powerful 220 V steam cleaner, offering outstanding steam production and maximum performance. Backed by a solid 3-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the boiler, the Steam Box™ helps you clean anything, anywhere.

Self-cleaning stainless steel boiler

To ensure the longevity of our steam cleaners, they’re built with encapsulated heating elements, which expand and contract during heating cycles, effectively preventing any mineral deposits from forming on them. Also, an electromagnetic float is continuously oscillating, stopping any such build-ups that may clog the water sensor. A simple 2-minute boiler drain every 30 hours of use (indicated by the ADI™ maintenance reminder) is required to keep your steam cleaner running trouble-free for many years. The Steam Box™ boiler is made out of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel and is put together with TIG welds for increased strength. The boiler is indestructible and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Automatic shut-off

You don't need to worry about overheating. As soon as the water inside the boiler goes below a secure level, the element automatically shuts off to protect the steam cleaner from running dry.


Because safety comes first, ActiveSafe™ technology is Dupray's way to present a variety of advanced safety features including a low water warning, a thermal overload protector, two pressure relief valves, an electromagnetic float and an automatic shut-off.

Steam is greener.

Dupray is proud to help reforest the planet by committing to plant one million trees.
For every steam cleaner sold, Dupray will plant a tree on your behalf.

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