• TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner
  • TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner
  • TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner
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TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner video-m_f3Sh90kGE

  • Commercial-grade.
  • 25 premium accessories.
  • Up to 90 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

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Steam is cleaner.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface. Chemical-free.

A commercial-grade steam cleaner for home or professional use.

With a vibrant digital interface and new features that take full advantage of the technology inside, the Dupray Tosca™ is our very best home steam cleaner.

1.05 GAL. / 4 L
stainless steel boiler
Up to 90 minutes of steam cleaning time.

14'9" / 4.5 m
electrical cord
Clean anywhere, without restraint.


Accurate Digital Interface

The Tosca™ steam cleaner comes equipped with the industry’s first digital control system, ADI™, which controls all of the electrical functions while displaying vital information.

MONITOR THE steam temperature
up to 316°F / 160°C.

CONSULT THE steam pressure.

EVERY 30 HOURS OF USE. Be reminded to do your 2-minute boiler cleaning.

9'10" / 3 m detachable hose

with steam pressure control.

Perfect for home cleaning.

Excels at car detailing.

Great for grout and tile cleaning.

Commercial-grade.Suitable for any cleaning business.

Cleaning has never been so easy.

The Tosca™ steam cleaner was built to be powerful yet easy to use for all cleaning needs. It is one of the only true commercial quality steam cleaner designed for both residential users and cleaning professionals.
At 26 lbs., the Tosca™ is light and portable, allowing you to use it to clean everything around the house. Built in Italy using only the best quality components from Germany and Italy, the Tosca™ is indestructible. Featuring the most recent steam cleaning technology, including the Accurate Digital Interface (ADI™), the Dupray Tosca™ brings commercial steam cleaning to your home or small business.

10.5" / 27 cm Width

13" / 33 cm Height

16.5" / 42 cm Depth

The best accessories for your steam cleaner.

A commercial-grade steam cleaner calls for commercial quality accessories. The Tosca™ provides durable accessories and comes packed with a 25-piece cleaning kit. All accessories were engineered to be durable and to provide you with the right tool for every imagined steam cleaning job. The kit is completed by a full suite of detailing brushes – which can be replaced at the lowest replacement cost on the market.

A steam cleaner built to last.

Environmentally friendly and amazingly efficient, the Tosca™ will definitely change the way you clean. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this commercial-grade steam cleaner features an enamel-coated steel casing for added durability. With steam pressures reaching up to 72.5 psi / 5 bar and temperatures up to 316°F / 160°C, the Tosca™ easily blasts through a wide range of cleaning tasks. Tackle car detailing and grout cleaning jobs, tile restoration, bed bug elimination or remove stubborn stains effortlessly. All you need is a little tap water to remove dirt and grime.

Superheated dry vapor

The Tosca™'s large stainless steel boiler is engineered to produce the perfect steam. It is pressurized to 5 times the atmospheric pressure to increase the water’s boiling point to 302ºF / 150ºC. Steam is then superheated to 316ºF / 160ºC resulting in the driest vapor possible, at only 5% water content. This balance between pressure, temperature and water content turns water into the most efficient cleaning solution.

Steam sanitizes better.

Can kill germs, bacteria, viruses and eliminate mold, dust mites and all other pathogens using nothing but the most natural cleaning method – superheated steam. At the heart of the Tosca™ steam cleaner is a highly-efficient heating element that pressurizes the stainless steel boiler and produces superheated steam at up to 316ºF / 160°C – perfect for cleaning and disinfection.

Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
and viruses

Optional Aroma Diffusor

Create a soothing atmosphere.

Release your favorite essential oils into the steam.

An advanced commercial steam cleaner.

The Tosca™ is the most durable and constant steam cleaner of its class. Assembled by hand in Italy, the unit is backed by a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel boiler and a 3-year warranty on all parts. All components are made with high-quality, durable materials. The latest in steam cleaning technology is yours to discover.

Stainless steel boiler

The boiler at the heart of the Tosca™ is built out of premium AISI 304 stainless steel and TIG welded together to be able to withstand up to 4 times the operating pressure, allowing Dupray to provide a lifetime warranty for the boiler. A simple 2-minute boiler drain every 30 hours of use (indicated by the ADI™ maintenance reminder) is required to keep your steam cleaner running trouble-free for many years.

Automatic shut-off

A built-in thermal sensor prevents the Tosca™’s boiler from running dry by turning the heating element off as soon as the machine is out of water, protecting the steam cleaner and its heating element from overheating or burning out.


Three levels of safety ensure that the machine will always operate safely. These include the low-water indicator, the automatic shut-off feature and a blow-off valve.

Steam is greener.

Dupray is proud to help reforest the planet by committing to plant one million trees.
For every steam cleaner sold, Dupray will plant a tree on your behalf.

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