The best steam cleaning machine for gum removal.

Dupray has years of expertise in steam gum removal under its belt and that is why we are best advised to help you make an informed choice about the best steam cleaner for the job.

Remove chewing gum from any surface, floor or table.

Ideal for:

  • Removing Gum from Concrete and Cement

    Concrete and cement

  • Removing Gum from Carpets With a Dupray Steam Cleaner


  • Removing Gum from Pavement With Dupray Steam Cleaners


  • Removing Gum from Anti-Slip Flooring Surfaces

    Anti-slip flooring surfaces

Steam quickly powers through gum removal.

Dupray steam cleaner for gum removal is the only equipment powerful enough to quickly dislodge and extract gum residue without damaging the surface. The combination of steam and detergent disintegrates the gum and the remaining residues are vacuumed up instantly into the stainless steel chamber, preventing the formation of new gum spots. Remove up to 700 gums per hour !

Use Dupray steam cleaning machines for :

  • Eliminating gum residue found on concrete, asphalt, brick, and cement.
  • Removing gum from pavement, tiles, ceramics, wood, and carpet.
  • Cleaning any public area including flooring, sidewalk, entranceway, and pavement.
  • Cleaning gum stains around schools, malls and office buildings.
Dupray Steam Cleaner for Gum Removal
Removing Gum From Concrete With a Dupray Steam Cleaner
Dupray Steam Cleaners for Gum Removal

Unveil all of the steam cleaning possibilities.

Dupray steam cleaning equipment can do so much more than gum removal. Discover an endless list of applications here.