The best vapor steam cleaners for the wine industry.

Dupray steam cleaners’ powerful antibacterial and deep cleaning capabilities are revolutionary for the wine industry : save time, energy and money while obtaining higher levels of sterilization than ever before. Easily steam clean and rehydrate oak barrels, sterilise tanks and bottling lines !

See how steam opens the oak pores to extract excessive tannins and residue.

Ideal for:

  • Steam Cleaning Stainess Steel Tanks

    Stainess steel tanks

  • Steam Cleaning Bottling Lines

    Bottling lines

  • Steam Cleaning Oak Barrels

    Oak barrels

  • Steam Cleaning Production Equipment for the Win Industry

    Production equipment

Reach a whole new level of efficiency in wine making.

The high temperature of Dupray steam cleaners allow for a new level sterilization : clean whole bottling line with no chemicals and very little water and recondition older oak barrels effortlessly. Steam as numerous advantages: the quality of cleaning is far superior to that of hot water, it is faster, less expensive in terms of energy and money and is much more ecological! Steam allows instant transfer of heat to the metal bottling line, allowing for extremely quick disinfection, including in areas water cannot reach.

Dupray steam cleaners for the wine industry are perfect for :

  • Sterilizing bottling lines.
  • Sterilizing and revitalizing oak barrels.
  • Removing excessive leftover tannins and accumulated tartates.
  • Sanitizing any production equipment.
  • Deep cleaning flooring and production areas.
Dupray Steam Cleaners for Wine Barrel Cleaning
Sanitizing Oak Barrels With a Dupray Steam Cleaner
Sterilizing Oak Barrels With a Dupray Steam Cleaner

Compatible Steam Cleaners

Steam Box™ Steam Cleaner

The Steam Box is a powerful 220V steam cleaner capable of sterilizing a 1200-bottles per hour bottling line and deep clean up to 15 oak barrels per day, all without using chemicals.

Special $4,999.00*

SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner

The SteamPro Industrial is the most powerful industrial steam cleaner on the market. Custom-built for your needs, this steam monster is the ideal choice of larger wineries. Save time, efforts and money by rejuvenating more than 100 oak barrels a day, sterilizing your stainless steel tanks or sanitizing the whole bottling line.

Special $22,995.00*

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