The ultimate industrial steam cleaning monster.

  • Steam Temperature: 212°C / 413°F
  • Steam Pressure: 12 bar / 170 psi
  • Special Features: CST™, Direct water feed, Detergent Injection
  • Quality: Industrial
  • Warranty: 1 year parts / Lifetime on boiler
  • Made in USA
SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner Complete Specifications

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SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner - Dupray
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Custom-built SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaners for your exact needs.

Your choice of 21 kW or 43 kW, 440 V, 480 V, or 575 V/600 V.

Productivity gains are made possible using high-performance, low-maintenance steam cleaning equipment. The custom-built SteamPro Industrial™ is simply put, the most powerful 3-phase steam cleaner on the market, featuring a fully stainless steel casing, direct water connection, and detergent injection to supercharge your cleaning. Producing superheated dry steam at up to 413°F / 212°C and pressure of up to 170 psi / 12 bar, the American made SteamPro Industrial™ is engineered to leave the competition behind. Discover why Dupray's flagship steam cleaner is ideal for deep cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, removing adhesives, cleaning conveyor belts and detailing production equipment.


  • Steam Temperature

    413ºF / 212ºC

  • Steam Pressure

    170 psi / 12 bar

  • Warranty

    1 yr

  • Cleaning Time


  • Power

    21 kW or 43 kW

  • Boiler Volume

    45 L

  • Current

    480 V or 600 V

  • Accessories


  • Heating Time

    10 min

  • Weight

    350 lbs / 158 kg

  • Amperage

    22 A - 59 A

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  • Worry-Free


Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner Front - Design

Maximum power and durability.

The SteamPro Industrial™ is built tough inside and out, producing steam at higher density, temperature and pressure than any competitor. Assembled in the USA with strong, reliable components. Rest assured that every care was given to ensure an outstanding performance. At the heart of the SteamPro Industrial™ is an extra large hand-made 12-gallon stainless steel boiler backed by a lifetime warranty. Operators can easily adjust the steam pressure and add detergent to the steam jet, for heavy-duty steam cleaning applications.

SteamPro Industrial™ Highlights

Superheated dry vapor

Superheated dry vapor

Detergent injection

Detergent injection

Easy to use features

Easy to use features

ActiveSafe™ technology

ActiveSafe™ technology

CST™ Continuous Steam Technology

CST™ Continuous Steam

Stainless steel boiler and casing

Stainless steel boiler & casing

Direct water connection

Direct water connection

Free accessory bag & detergent

Free accessory detergent & bag

The largest selection of SteamPro Industrial™ steam cleaning accessories.

With the SteamPro Industrial™, your accessory kit is completely custom-made based on your needs. You have a wide selection of accessories to choose from, all of which are made to last and withstand long hours of intense use.

Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner - Accessories Pack 3

The Dupray SteamPro Industrial™
for Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Dupray SteamPro Conveyor Belt Cleaning System Dupray SteamPro Conveyor Belt Cleaning System Dupray SteamPro Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

The SteamPro Industrial™ is the powerhouse behind the conveyor belt cleaning system. A strong jet of steam reaching up to 192°C comes out through the conveyor belt cleaning unit to efficiently break down dirt, grime, and grease as the belt passes through the powerful steam jet. A powerful vacuum removes any leftover dust, food residue, grease, or dirt and dries up the surface of the belt at the same time leaving it clean, dry, and ready to use.

Download Conveyor Belt Cleaning Brochure

Engineered to be the best industrial-grade steam cleaner.

The Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ offers superior steam production for serious industrial use. Backed by a full year warranty on parts and labor plus a lifetime warranty on the boiler and casing, the SteamPro Industrial™ is your new favorite precision cleaning tool.
Superheated Dry Vapor Steam

Superheated Dry Vapor Steam

Dry vapor, the secret to deep cleaning, is basically pressurized steam, superheated to very high temperatures. It combines 5% water content with high pressure to create the most powerful natural cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting agent. Operating at internal temperatures of up to 413°F / 212°C and pressures of up to 170 psi / 12 bar, the SteamPro Industrial™ is unmatched in the steam cleaner market.

CST™ Continuous Steam Technology

CST™ Continuous Steam Technology

Having the ability to fill up the unit at any time, or simply being able connect the water feed directly into the steam cleaner means no downtime and higher productivity. Continuous operation is essential to heavy-duty industrial cleaning.

Dupray SteamPro Industrial Steam Cleaner Front Side - Technologies
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Dupray SteamPro Industrial Steam Cleaner Boiler - Technologies
Stainless Steel Boiler

Stainless Steel Boiler

The extra large, hand-made, 12-gallon SteamPro Industrial™ boiler is TIG-welded with high quality AISI 304 stainless steel. It is built to respect the strictest pressure vessel codes and is virtually indestructible; the heart of the SteamPro Industrial™ is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Perfect Level Control

Perfect Level Control

Steady steam production is made possible by maintaining a constant water level inside the boiler. Dupray's self-cleaning patented electromagnetic float continuously monitors the water level inside the boiler and adjusts it accordingly.

Self-Cleaning Boiler System

Self-Cleaning Boiler System

High-performance self-cleaning heating elements power the industrial boiler. Constant expansion and contractions during the machine’s heating cycles prevents the build-up of mineral deposits. The oscillation of the electromagnetic float also works to prevent an accumulation of scale. Self-cleaning boilers are what make the Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ trouble-free for years. For maintenance, a quick boiler drain every 40 hours of use is all that is needed to maintain the unit at the top of its performance.

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Replaceable Heating Elements

Replaceable Heating Elements

While most steam cleaner heating elements can't be replaced without replacing the whole boiler, the SteamPro Industrial™ features inexpensive, long-lasting elements that can be changed out within minutes if they eventually need replacement.

Pure Disinfection

Pure Disinfection

Steam cleaning uses high temperature to sanitize any surface, tool or machinery, eliminating bacteria and germs in nooks and crannies all without the use of expensive cleaning chemicals.

ActiveSafe™ Technology

ActiveSafe™ Technology

Dupray offers the safest industrial steam cleaning equipment with ActiveSafe™ technology to ensure operator safety and unit longevity. Features like the low-water warning, the thermal overload protector, the auto shut-off, the pressure relief valves and the electromagnetic float all make the SteamPro Industrial™ the most reliable and safest unit on the market.

Automatic Shut-Off

Automatic Shut-Off

In manual water fill mode, the steam cleaner shuts down automatically when the water level drops under a precise level, so there is no risk of overheating or running when dry.

Dupray SteamPro Industrial Steam Cleaner Back Side - Technologies
Dupray SteamPro Industrial™ Steam Cleaner - Green Cleaning

Improve your cleaning.
Reduce water and chemical usage.

Cutting water and cleaning chemical use is not a luxury but a necessity. Using only 3 gallons of water per hour instead of hundreds is safe for the environment and allows savings on cleaning labor as well. Steam cleaning is an efficient solution to many modern maintenance problems. When needed, the SteamPro Industrial™ also allows operators to use a biodegradable, food-safe detergent through the steam on demand feature.