How to Use the ONE Series™ Connector

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This video is to show how to use the Connector with the triangular or rectangular tool from the Dupray ONE steam cleaner.

The connector is used to connect the rectangular tool and the triangular tool to the steam hose or to the extension tubes. To install the connector, follow these instructions:

Position 1 = Assembly Position 2 = Lock Position 3 = Rotate
*The connector as to be straight in the middle (the two dots aligned) to be able to change the latch position.

1. Hold the tool with the bristles down. Slide the white lever to the 1st position (assembly). Insert the connector sideways with screws facing up and line up the two lines (the one on the tool and the one on the connector).

2. Rotate the connector 90° counter clockwise so that the line on the connector and the dot on the tool line up.

3. The 2nd position (locked) on the white lever is used to prevent the tool from rotating, the 3rd position (rotate) is used to let the tool rotate the connector 180°.

4. To remove, rotate the connector so that the line on the connector and the dot on the tool line up set the white lever to the 1st position (assembly). Rotate the tool 90° to the right until both lines are aligned. Then pull to remove the tool.

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