Are Dupray steam cleaners efficient against coronavirus/COVID-19?

Green Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting: a Curriculum for Early Care and Education.https://www.epa.gov/sites/default/files/2013-08/documents/ece_curriculum_final.pdfAccording to the following cleaning guidelines, prepared by the University of California and available on the EPA website, steam cleaners are “devices that clean, sanitize or disinfect surfaces” (page 19). “Disinfecting kills 99.999% of germs on hard, non-porous surfaces or objects. [...] Some devices can be used to disinfect; for example machines that apply steam to surfaces. These devices are very effective, work quickly,...


Technologies to make ironing easier than ever.

Steam iron stations are the fastest and most effective when it comes to taking creases and wrinkles out of clothing. They deliver professional results right in your laundry room. With a powerful boiler and an independent 1.22 L water tank to produce twice as much steam as a conventional iron. The Dupray SteamIron ™ offers up to 2 hours, of ironing time, enough to tackle you’re entire wardrobe, unless you have a soft spot for...


The Basics and Benefits of Steam Cleaning in a Nutshell

A steam cleaner is your eco-friendly answer to all kinds of residential and commercial cleaning tasks. Turning simple tap water into a superior cleaning agent, Dupray steam cleaners sanitize and disinfect a variety of surfaces as well as fabrics at the same time. Using a combination of heat and high pressure, steam penetrates deep into surface pores, eliminating dirt, grease, residue, mold bacteria, viruses and germs without relying on harsh chemicals. It even takes care...


Why Dupray support animal charities

Over the course of the last few months, we –the employees of Dupray– have delivered steam cleaners to a variety of award-winning animal-focused charities.We’ve sent machines to the Search Dog Foundation, 4 Paws for Ability, the Vet Dog’s of America and Noah’s Ark Rehabilition Center, to name just a few. @Dupraysteam Wow! That would be amazing! Could you email ahedgecoth@noahs-ark.org with more details? Thank you SO much! — Noahs Ark Clubhouse (@NoahsArkClub) September 25, 2015...


Dupray steam iron station buyer’s guide.

All the facts on steam ironing stations. Steam ironing stations are incredible tools. This buyer’s guide is full of interesting facts and features that every consumer should consider and look for. When it comes to effectiveness, steam ironing stations are a far superior alternative to conventional irons. With a built-in boiler and independent water tank, they produce twice the steam of a regular iron and they do it in half the time. All this translates...


Why every bachelor needs a steam cleaner

From cleaning to cooking, working to partying, single men must overcome a series of obstacles to comply with the social norms set by the external world. The days of the ‘filthy’ bachelor stereotype are over. Clean is in. Particularly, steam cleaning is in. Here’s why every bachelor needs a steam cleaner:Unsanitary bachelor things that are probably gross and need immediate attentionHome gym gear. Video game controllers. Gaudy gold chains and other (questionable) man jewelry. Your...


What are steam ironing stations?

Steam ironing stations are professional grade ironing systems, manufactured for commercial and home use. They come in a wide variety of residential makes and models, such as the Dupray SteamIron™. How are they different from regular Irons? Where conventional irons have a small water tank right on the handheld component, the SteamIron™ has a flexible water hose that attaches to an independent 1.2L water tank. Instead of relying on the heated soleplate to produce steam,...


Vaporizing Allergies Away With a Dry Steam Cleaner

Some people still think that cleaning a house with harsh chemicals is the best way to free it from allergens and dirt. It seems a bit paradoxical since the symptoms related to expositions to most household cleaning chemicals are very similar to pollen or dust mite reactions (watery eyes, coughing, running noses, and skin irritation and more). Having a home that is free of pollutants and chemical residues is crucial to minimise allergy symptoms. In...


The Top Ten Things In Your House To Steam Clean

1. On Stainless SteelDry steam is perfect to clean and disinfect stainless steel without leaving any water or chemical residues. Simply pass on the surface with the triangular tool and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth for shiny and dirt free appliances.2. On Your BedSteam cleaning is particularly useful on mattress and cushion when your have a bedbug problem, but it can also be used in your regular cleaning routine. Use the triangular tool...


THE GUESTS ARE ARRIVING: How To Have A Sparkling Home

Every hostess wants their home to glitter for the holidays. Families arrive from out-of-town and stay over as guests, women want to impress their mothers and mother-in-laws – siblings, grandparents, nieces, nephews and friends are invited for parties and celebration dinners.Yet, there’s never any time. NEVER. Guests are arriving in an hour and a half. The turkey is in the oven, the fire alarm is going off, hair curlers are in, and you’re in a...


Steam ironing stations. The better wrinkle removers.

Although steam ironing stations are more effective and efficient, they tend to be more popular in Europe than here in North America. Fortunately, people are beginning to understand the advantages of these powerful steam producers. With popularity on the rise, more and more are making their way into our homes.Not all models are the same, some take longer to heat up than others. The Dupray SteamIron™ however, reaches maximum heat relatively quickly, in just 10...


The Advantages of the Dupray SteamMop™

If you are looking for an accessory that will provide extremely good results in both residential and commercial settings, the Dupray Steam Mop is definitely the right solution for you. Whether you want to clean floors, walls, or ceilings, you will be amazed by how well the Tecnovap steam mop will work. The comparison between the Tecnovap Mop and a regular mop is clear: our mop leaves the treated floors cleaner and drier, all with...


Steam Cleaning Schools

Schools are always asked to provide a clean and healthy environment but most of them are struggling with insufficient labour and poor cleaning techniques. Is it possible to deep clean, sanitize and disinfect around a school by simply using heat and water? The answer is yes. «There are so many ways you can use a steam cleaner to help with virtually any cleaning challenge, from disinfecting classrooms and bathrooms to sanitize the changing rooms and...


Selling Your Car? How to Get a Better Price

Whether you’re putting your car on the market for the first time or you’re a veteran auto salesman, getting the best price for your vehicle can always be a bit of a gamble. From cosmetic details to technical tune-ups to picky buyers, every auto sale faces its own unique set of obstacles. We’ve outlined some simple solutions to help get you across the finish line with your wallet full -- and your nerves intact.Don’t Be...


Remove Bed Bugs Naturally And Effectively Using A Steam Cleaner

This article was written by Karl J., Professional Bed Bugs Exterminator.Bed bugs are making a very strong return in our homes this year. Professional exterminators like me are very busy getting rid of these unwanted insects and we are definitely charging a premium for it. The truth is that even if we use very strong chemicals, bed bugs are slowly getting used to the pesticides and we cannot guarantee that only chemicals will be able...


Professional Bedbugs Steam Cleaners

Bed bugs massive comeback in North American cities are forcing pest control professionals to change the way they eradicate these rigorous insects. Dupray, specialized in the world’s most advanced steam cleaners just released a line of vapor bed bug steamers, designed to instantly kill and eradicate bed bugs and their eggs using up to 378 ºF superheated dry steam. These world’s best steam cleaners are part of the government recommended way to treat and get...


No Greener Clean than Steam Cleaning!

Dupray provides easy, simple, and effective solutions for green cleaning through its technologically advanced green steam cleaners. Dupray steam cleaners are designed to provide a deep, effective, cleaning using only tap water, without the added use of any harsh chemicals. This will save businesses, institutions, and residential cleaning providers money on cleaning chemicals, and presents an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of those environmentally destructive chemicals. Additionally, steam cleaning actually provides cleaner results, as...


John's Complete Review of the Amazing Hill Injection Steam Cleaner

This article was written by John D., an experienced cleaning professional and a Dupray client.As cleaning professionals, we’ve heard a few months ago about a vapor steam cleaner that claimed to be the most powerful 110v, portable steam machine on the market. We also didn’t want a single boiler machine that would force us to wait and depressurized the steamer when we would be out of water. Our tool of predilection was definitely a dual-tank,...


Dupray’s Guide on how to clean up after St-Patrick’s Day

So, who’s going to pass out after St-Patrick’s Day? Probably a significant amount of people. On a THURSDAY.Last year, we received a plethora of our customers and clients asking "how do I clean green (type of alohol) out of my (insert adjective here) (piece of furniture / item)?" For example, "how do I clean green beer out of my (white, plush) (sofa)".Never fear. This year – we got your back.Dupray’s 2016 GUIDE TO ST-PATTY’S CLEANUP...


How to clean your new home before moving in.

Even if your new place looked spotless during the initial visit, it’s likely there are some dirty surprises waiting for you on your move-in day. Ideally, you should always do a thorough clean before you and your stuff arrives. Here’s some areas that require special attention.Previous PetsDid pets precede you? Don’t just clean the carpet — steam clean it to neutralize allergens and to kill bacteria. A good steam cleaner can also be handy to...

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