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10 Reasons to Buy a Dupray Steam Cleaner
2024-04-08 Dupray
10 Reasons to Buy a Dupray Steam Cleaner

10 Reasons to Buy a Dupray Steam Cleaner

The accessories

All of Dupray steam cleaners’ accessories are made in Italy by renowned manufacturer Tecnovap®. Fabricated with the strongest material, these accessories are the highest quality on the market. Whereas most steam cleaners on the market are equipped with accessories coming from different manufacturers, Dupray’s line of accessories is designed specifically to fit our steam cleaners.

The reliability

Dupray steam cleaners are built to last, all of their components are made with the strongest material and designed to go through the hardest cleaning tasks. Whether you are removing gum or doing car detailing, Dupray steam cleaners will pass the test and deliver amazing results for years and years to come.


Dupray steam cleaners are the most powerful machines on the market. They can produce steam at a temperature of 345°F and at a pressure of 121psi. Additionally, our units are built with an adjustable pressure control to help you clean with the exact amount of pressure that is best suited for your target cleaning task. For example, you will not use the same pressure if you are washing a delicate rug than if you are exterminating bedbugs


The boiler is the most important element to consider when buying a steam cleaner. It is literally the heart of the machine. That is why you have to make sure the steam cleaner you are purchasing is equipped with a strongly built boiler. Dupray steam cleaners have the safest and most dependable boilers on the market, which are made with quality stainless steel and dependable welding. We are so convinced of the durability of our boilers that we offer you a lifetime warranty to back them.

The continuous refill system

Most of our models are equipped with two water tanks, which means that they feature a continuous refill system and that you will never have to stop the machine to refill it. This also means no downtime and no interruptions during your cleaning tasks


Dupray is convinced to offer you the best quality steam cleaner on the market, but even so, it might have to be repaired eventually. That is why our machines are backed with a solid warranty: three years on all parts and a lifetime warranty on the boiler

Built in Vacuums

Dupray offers built in wet and dry vacuums on certain models, a characteristic that is extremely convenient for tasks such as gum removal. You can therefore use the power of steam to dislodged dirt and at the same time collect it in the stainless steel vacuum drum.

The heating elements

Dupray offers the most powerful and efficient heating elements, producing 28W/cm2. This allows for a smaller boiler and little water is needed, as the elements are able to produce much more steam with less water. The most advantageous characteristics of Tecnovap® boilers are the heating elements that are auto cleaning, preventing the formation of layers of deposit to accumulate on the elements. These elements are also interchangeable, unlike most steam cleaners on the market, which means that in the unlikely case that is has to be repaired, you can easily replace it instead of changing the whole boiler.

The hot water and detergent injection

Some of our models are equipped with the hot water and detergent injection. Controlled by the touch of a button, this unique feature will allow you to add boiling water or detergent onto the surface you are cleaning. This system is really handy for many applications including gum removal.

The customer service

At Dupray, all of our advisors are experts and have a complete knowledge of the steam cleaners, our staff will be pleased to help you all along the process with whatever questions or inquiries you might have. You can be assured that Dupray will find the right equipment for your needs and will make sure that you are completely satisfy with it.

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