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Healthy Home: Keeping Your Fridge Clean & Organized
2024-04-08 Dupray
Healthy Home: Keeping Your Fridge Clean & Organized

Healthy Home: Keeping Your Fridge Clean & Organized

What’s the dirtiest place in your home? Most people would guess it’s their floors, the laundry basket, or even a toothbrush, but in fact, the kitchen is where germs and harmful bacteria really thrive. That makes sense when you think about it: the kitchen is the busiest room in any home. At the center of all the comings and goings, the cooking and eating, is your refrigerator: holder of leftovers and leaky containers.

The easiest time to clean your refrigerator is right before a trip to the grocery store, when food levels are at their lowest. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, which may damage fridge surfaces or seals. These solvents can lead to lingering odors that are absorbed by food. White vinegar has been a traditional cleaner, but that too can leave behind an unpleasant smell. Furthermore, tackling stains or spills with a mild disinfectant may not remove all the microorganisms. Indeed, simply wiping away substances risks spreading them across all fridge surfaces.

Our home steam cleaners offer a more effective option. They operate at temperatures over 300°F (149°C) – more than enough to destroy bacteria and mold. All you need is a cup of water. We suggest using our microfiber cloth to clean the fridge exterior. Give special attention to the door handle, where a lot of hands make contact every day. For the interior, remove the shelves and use a lance attachment with nylon brush to attack the toughest stains. Be sure to also clean along the inner and outer edges of the rubber seal around the door.

Once your refrigerator is spotless, there are some easy organizational tips to help you keep it that way. But first, it helps to understand how a refrigerator works. Cold air is generated only in the freezer unit, then it’s cycled into the top of the fridge, where a fan circulates it. This process has two implications:

  • Cold air must be able to circulate to keep food cool and bacteria at bay. Therefore, avoid over-packing your fridge. This is energy-efficient, keeps things fresher for longer, and makes it easier to find stuff!
  • Cold air sinks! Each shelf and compartment in your refrigerator is a different temperature – with door compartments being the warmest. Store foods prone to faster spoilage in the bottom of your fridge.
Keeping Your Fridge Clean & Organized

By regularly cleaning your fridge with a Dupray home steam cleaner, and organizing the interior space for better circulation and fresh food preservation, you can protect your well-being and keep a healthy and more sustainable home – saving money on energy bills, and helping to make grocery shopping more efficient, thus reducing waste.

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