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The Basics and the Benefits of Steam Generator Irons from Dupray
2024-04-08 Dupray
The Basics and the Benefits of Steam Generator Irons from Dupray

The Basics and the Benefits of Steam Generator Irons from Dupray

The straight goods on steam iron stations.

Steam iron stations are the fastest and most effective when it comes to taking creases and wrinkles out of clothing. They deliver professional results right in your laundry room. With a powerful boiler and an independent 1.2 L water tank to produce twice as much steam as a conventional iron. The Dupray SteamIron™ offers up to 2 hours, of ironing time, enough to tackle you’re entire wardrobe, unless you have a soft spot for shopping.

The perfect combination of power and precision.

A steam iron stations delivers professional results with unparalleled pressing power. Ideal for thick and thin fabrics alike the Dupray SteamIron™ features variable pressure control which can be adjusted to your outfit. Light steam settings work great on heat sensitive fabrics like nylon or cotton-synthetic blends while stronger steam settings are ideal for pressing heavier items like coast and comforters. Plus, with vertical ironing capabilities and a 5.25ft flexible hose you can work beyond the ironing board, steaming and removing wrinkles from upholstery or curtains with ease.

Keeps clothing ready to wear with less ware and tear.

Steam ironing is a fundamental part of taking care of your clothing. Not only does it freshen your favourite pieces, steam is also the best wrinkle remover, able to tackle the most stubborn of creases in even the heaviest fabrics. The larger water tank in an iron station produces twice the steam output to moisturize and soften fibers safely. With an electronic operating system to keep the fast-flattening jets of steam carefully regulated the SteamIron™ delivers perfect results every time. Where conventional irons may stick due to unregulated heat, the high-quality aluminum soleplate helps the iron glide more easily to protect your clothing from burns or rips. After all, hand-me-downs are much more fashionable when they have been handled with care.

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