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What are steam ironing stations?
2024-04-08 Dupray
What are steam ironing stations?

What are steam ironing stations?

Steam ironing stations are professional grade ironing systems, manufactured for commercial and home use. They come in a wide variety of residential makes and models, such as the Dupray SteamIron™.

How are they different from regular Irons?

Where conventional irons have a small water tank right on the handheld component, the SteamIron™ has a flexible water hose that attaches to an independent 1.2L water tank. Instead of relying on the heated soleplate to produce steam, a boiler superheats the water directly in the tank. The larger water tank and more powerful boiler allow it to produce twice the steam of a conventional iron in consistent, powerful jets.

What are the benefits of steam ironing stations?

The SteamIron™ is compact and lightweight. With a boiler inside the water tank, it produces more heat and subsequently, more steam. Steam ironing stations take about 10 minutes to reach maximum temperature and from then on it’s nothing but superheated smooth ironing ahead. Producing large volumes of steam also allows them to be used vertically to remove creases without contact. This is an ideal solution for delicate or heat sensitive fabrics.

What else can they do?

The SteamIron™ can tackle a wide variety of ironing tasks. Large amounts of steam means way less effort on your part to achieve that sharp, permanent pressed look. They can handle heavy garments like leather coats and comforters, but are still gentle enough for window curtains, silks, and cotton-synthetics. They do so much more than flattening fabrics including: denim, leather, heat sensitive cotton-synthetics, silk, polyester, and more. The superheated steam flows deep into fibers, softening and moisturizing them to preserve and refresh. When it’s all said and done, with steam ironing stations you’ll get professional results right in your own laundry room.

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