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Professional Bedbugs Steam Cleaners

Bed bugs massive comeback in North American cities are forcing pest control professionals to change the way they eradicate these rigorous insects. Dupray, specialized in the world’s most advanced steam cleaners just released a line of vapor bed bug steamers, designed to instantly kill and eradicate bed bugs and their eggs using up to 378 ºF superheated dry steam. These world’s best steam cleaners are part of the government recommended way to treat and get...


No Greener Clean than Steam Cleaning!

Dupray provides easy, simple, and effective solutions for green cleaning through its technologically advanced green steam cleaners. Dupray steam cleaners are designed to provide a deep, effective, cleaning using only tap water, without the added use of any harsh chemicals. This will save businesses, institutions, and residential cleaning providers money on cleaning chemicals, and presents an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of those environmentally destructive chemicals. Additionally, steam cleaning actually provides cleaner results, as...


John's Complete Review of the Amazing Hill Injection Steam Cleaner

This article was written by John D., an experienced cleaning professional and a Dupray client.As cleaning professionals, we’ve heard a few months ago about a vapor steam cleaner that claimed to be the most powerful 110v, portable steam machine on the market. We also didn’t want a single boiler machine that would force us to wait and depressurized the steamer when we would be out of water. Our tool of predilection was definitely a dual-tank,...


How to clean your new home before moving in.

Even if your new place looked spotless during the initial visit, it’s likely there are some dirty surprises waiting for you on your move-in day. Ideally, you should always do a thorough clean before you and your stuff arrives. Here’s some areas that require special attention.Previous PetsDid pets precede you? Don’t just clean the carpet — steam clean it to neutralize allergens and to kill bacteria. A good steam cleaner can also be handy to...


How to Clean Grout with a Steam Cleaner

Ceramic tiles and grout tend to get dirty very quickly and are one of the most challenging cleaning tasks. The build up of dirt, grease and grime in the grout are very unpleasant to look at because of the drastic color change that alter radically the apperance of your floors and walls. The way most people accomplish this hard task is with small brushes and lots of harsh cleaning chemicals. Some of these harsh chemicals...


Healthy Home: Keeping Your Fridge Clean & Organized

What’s the dirtiest place in your home? Most people would guess it’s their floors, the laundry basket, or even a toothbrush, but in fact, the kitchen is where germs and harmful bacteria really thrive. That makes sense when you think about it: the kitchen is the busiest room in any home. At the center of all the comings and goings, the cooking and eating, is your refrigerator: holder of leftovers and leaky containers.The easiest time...


Eliminate Smells in the Home by Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing with Dupray Steam Cleaners

Smells caused by dirty and mouldy tile in bathrooms, crusted-on food in the kitchen, bird or animal cages, and other difficult-to-clean, dirty areas in the home can stifle the air in a house and generally contribute to a less clean, less pleasant environment. Dupray steam cleaners offer a simple solution to deep clean and sanitize a wide range of areas in the home, from bathrooms to kitchens and bedrooms that will routinely trap dirt and...


Conveyor Belt Steam Cleaning Systems: A Custom-Made Solution by Dupray

Conveyor belt cleaning is a challenging and time-consuming procedure, especially in food processing facilities. Choosing the right cleaning solution for your conveyor belt can ensure proper sanitation and save a lot of money in labor costs. An innovative industrial steam generator powers Dupray custom-built conveyor belt cleaning systems to remove food residue, dirt, grease and other deposits. This powerful solution will leave the surface of the belt completely cleaned, dry, sanitized, and totally free of...


Boiler Drain For Continuous Refill System Steam Cleaners

Your steam cleaner requires a boiler drainafter every 50 hours of use (or every time your steam cleaner's display shows CALC) in order to deliver best results. This simple routine is essential to maintain the high level of performance of your machine. This technique can be used on all Dupray continuous refill steam cleaners. Pressurized units can simply be drained and rinsed.*Important: Always perform boiler drain outs when the unit is completely cold. Allow 12...


10 Reasons to Buy a Dupray Steam Cleaner

The accessories All of Dupray steam cleaners’ accessories are made in Italy by renowned manufacturer Tecnovap®. Fabricated with the strongest material, these accessories are the highest quality on the market. Whereas most steam cleaners on the market are equipped with accessories coming from different manufacturers, Dupray’s line of accessories is designed specifically to fit our steam cleaners. The reliability Dupray steam cleaners are built to last, all of their components are made with the strongest...


The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Cleaners

1. How long does the steam last using the Tosca steam cleaner ? Depending on how you use the steamer, and what pressure setting you choose, steam can last between 1 to 2.5 hours. 2. What is the warranty on your steam cleaners ? All units comes with an excellent standard warranty, including lifetime warranty on the boiler; 3-year warranty on parts; 1-year warranty on labor. 3. I want to do car detailing with steam....


The Basics and the Benefits of Steam Generator Irons from Dupray

The straight goods on steam iron stations. Steam iron stations are the fastest and most effective when it comes to taking creases and wrinkles out of clothing. They deliver professional results right in your laundry room. With a powerful boiler and an independent 1.2 L water tank to produce twice as much steam as a conventional iron. The Dupray SteamIron™ offers up to 2 hours, of ironing time, enough to tackle you’re entire wardrobe, unless you have...


Steam Cleaners for Grout Cleaning - Dupray

Dupray steam cleaners are the ultimate grout and tile cleaning solution. Lightweight and easy to use, they have the ability to bring your flooring back to life thanks to their high steam temperature and superior performance Do more. In less time. Dupray offers an efficient solution to grout cleaning, a task traditionally time consuming and demanding that generally requires the use of harmful chemicals. Steam has the power to make grout cleaning a lot easier...


What to Look For When You Purchase a New Quality Steam Cleaner

The Ecological Cleaning Solution Steam cleaners are incredible tools. Far superior to conventional cleaning methods, they use a combination of heat and dry steam to effectively and efficiently eliminate dirt, grease, residue, mold bacteria, viruses and germs without relying on harsh chemicals. The super heated steam sanitizes and disinfects at the same time, producing professional results in less time. Steam has proved itself to be a powerful cleaning agent in European markets for years. Today...

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